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3 Key Takeaways from our Seattle Dynamics 365 Launch

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On Thursday, February 16th, UXC Eclipse and Microsoft held the Seattle Dynamics 365 launch in front of customers and prospects from various industries. Attendees networked with industry peers, saw demos of new Dynamics 365 technologies, and learned about Microsoft strategies for the future.

Those who attended previewed firsthand how Dynamics 365 can help their organizations:

  • Unify business applications
  • Turn big data into actionable intelligence
  • Empower your employees
  • Drive growth with data in the cloud
  • Optimize your operations

Matt Calderwood, Executive Vice President, Business Development at UXC Eclipse kicked off the event by asking ‘Who feels like they are behind their competitors in digital transformation?’  – which was received by a show of hands from attendees. Digital transformation is not simply about technology—it’s a business strategy that requires organizations to re-envision existing business models and embrace a different way of bringing together people, data, and processes.

3 key takeaways from our Seattle Dynamics 365 launch:

1. Every business must become a digital business

Neil Holloway, Vice President, Dynamics USA, at Microsoft delivered an excellent introduction to digital transformation, highlighting how to engage your customers, empower employees, optimize operations and transform your products.

The challenges of businesses for a long time hasn’t changed, so much time is spent on how to think about the products you are going to build, and how to engage customers. But the rules of customer engagement are rapidly evolving. Everyone is mobile, everyone is social. It’s easier than ever to switch to a competitor. At the same time, devices are increasingly connected. It’s a whole new world where the customer has control. Having a deep understanding of customers and being able to create a compelling experience is critical to any company’s business strategy. In fact, by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Those who attended NRF Retail’s BIG SHOW in January, saw how the world is anchored around anything that moves – an enabler of data that will change how businesses are run. There’s a new speed of business and companies need to adapt.

New technology is not only enabling new business models, but also enabling them at a much faster rate than ever before. To be successful and capture new revenue opportunities, your people and processes must respond with speed and agility to changes in the market.

2. Define your journey to the Cloud

Ivan Cole, CTO – Chief Strategist at UXC Eclipse outlined the steps organizations can take to move from on premise to the cloud. Exploring Dynamics 365 and the intelligent business applications in the cloud, Ivan used scenarios to focus on a few key areas including sales and marketing, field services, customer services, operations, project service automation, financials, reporting, and analytics – ‘the features and functionality of Dynamics 365 are growing almost daily!’ Ivan stated.

A strategic planning assessment is available for those who aren’t sure how to get to the cloud. Through the Cloud Readiness Review, UXC Eclipse can assess what you have, understand where you want to be in the cloud and identify challenges and make recommendations that fit your business.

With this new model, Ivan explained how Dynamics 365 ‘allows you to pay as you go, and pay as you grow’. UXC Eclipse can help you plan the strategy of continuous improvement to your organization by moving pieces to the cloud in a timeline that works for you.

3. To be competitive, you must compete against yourself

The collision of the physical and digital worlds has impacted every dimension of society, commerce, enterprises and individuals. A survey conducted by Altimeter indicates that 88% of organizations are going through digital transformation. To stay competitive, you must compete against yourself to learn how your competitors will compete against you. ’If you don’t believe that you’re being digitally transformed internally, then someone is doing it to you’ Matt Lingard, Senior Vice President, BI/Analytics at UXC Eclipse explained, ‘it could be a supplier, competitor, or customer – but it’s happening. We have to embrace it and get engaged!’

Matt presented real life examples of customers using customer insights, combining human and digital intelligence into a predictive analytics solution. He explained that digital transformation is happening all around us, and if organizations don’t evolve and change – competitors will. Companies are either disrupting the traditional way of doing business or are getting disrupted.

Matt discussed and provided customer examples how digital transformation is benefiting various organizations by providing new markets and channels, improved customer experiences, higher lead generations and greater traffic not only from direct customers but from other channels as well.

Matt also showed demonstrations of Power BI, Social Sentiment Analysis with Cortana Intelligence and Power BI, Azure Machine Learning, and Price/Promotion optimization.

The meeting wrapped up with a summary on how UXC Eclipse can help define and implement the right solutions for your organization.

Your digital transformation will begin in the areas where your business can gain the most value today, and will evolve with you into the future.

The goal is to ensure you get the most value from your investment with Dynamics 365 today with a clear roadmap to the future. Take the next step and talk to UXC Eclipse today to discuss what’s possible.

If you have any questions about this event or would like to know more about Dynamics 365 – contact UXC Eclipse at

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