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What 4 Benefits Did Beyond Bank See From Transforming Their Customer’s Experience?

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Do you want to offer a consistent, high quality and personalized service? Are you hampered by data being siloed in multiple systems? Are your representatives bogged down on processes rather than focusing on the customer?

Beyond Bank needed to replace a mission-critical system as the 30 clicks it could take to get the required information was preventing them from seeing issues or reasons for customer behaviour, reducing their ability to up or cross-sell opportunities. They refreshed their overarching technology to achieve their goal of business transformation and improved customer interactions. Beyond Bank blog image

1. Agile and Flexible

Beyond Bank moved away from the complex network of applications to a fully cloud-based environment. Manual work was removed allowing them to deliver a consistently outstanding customer service level and reducing the potential for errors.

2. Streamlined and Automated Data Sharing

By integrating their CRM platform, core banking system and external data, Beyond Bank can instantly access a 360-degree view of customer history, correspondence and portfolio information.

3. Personalized Customer Experience

Beyond Bank’s customer service representatives now offer a seamless, accurate and fully personalized service, resulting in improved staff satisfaction and increased intra-business referrals and sales per customer.

4. Reduced IT Costs

Moving mission-critical legacy systems to the cloud has significantly reduced Beyond Bank’s technology infrastructure costs and minimized downtime.

Beyond Bank worked with Eclipse, A DXC Technology Company, to select a complete Microsoft Office 365 implementation that utilized the entire Microsoft Stack to deliver a seamless, efficient and effective user experience.

Robert Aitken, CIO, Beyond Bank, said, “This project is one of the most significant projects Beyond Bank has done in 10 years. This has been truly transformational and a real game-changer for the organization.”

Watch our Beyond Bank case study video

Watch our Beyond Bank case study video to learn how to implement a fully cloud-based solution that will help you achieve business transformation.