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Charles Araujo to Speak on Digital Enterprise at Upcoming Eclipse Event

UXC Eclipse Corporate, |

Eclipse excited to announce Charles Araujo as the keynote speaker to highlight the importance of digital enterprise

Eclipse, A DXC Technology Company, is excited charles araujo digital enterpriseto announce Charles Araujo as the keynote speaker at the upcoming event “The Art of Possible: Embracing the Digital Transformation Journey” where he will discuss how technology is shaping today’s businesses and their shift to operating as a digital enterprise.

Eclipse and Microsoft are partnering to provide a forum in Vancouver on April 27 for attendees to learn about the latest developments in the digital evolution and exchange ideas and strategies on how to approach their own journey to a digital enterprise.

Charles Araujo is a best-selling author and leading authority on digital leadership. As Principal Analyst with Intellyx and founder of The Institute for Digital Transformation, he speaks around the world about the impact of technology on businesses and how they can harness it to transform into a digital enterprise.

“Today’s world is driven by technology and it is reshaping the very foundation of how organizations operate,” said Charles. “But it’s no longer just about IT. It’s about the entire business and it requires organizations to rethink their culture and move beyond a cost focus. It’s about adopting new technology approaches and strategies to thrive in this new era.”

Many organizations recognize the need to transform and have already initiated their path to a digital enterprise, but others may be unsure where to start their journey. This event will explore what it means to become a digital enterprise and the importance of creating cultures of innovation and developing a holistic digital strategy.

“We are thrilled to host Charles Araujo at our event,“ said Matt Calderwood, Executive Vice President for Business Development at Eclipse. “Charles is an expert in the field of digital enterprise and leadership. He is able to decode the dramatic changes that are driving the world today and how businesses can leverage technology to truly transform the way they do business and deliver value to their customers.”

Attendees will not only get an overview of the latest trends in Digital Transformation and what that means for today’s businesses – they will get a closer look at developing the right framework as well as valuable insight on how to prepare for their own Digital Transformation journey.

Learn more about this event and reserve your spot today!