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DXC Security for SQL Server QuickStart

Tony Bain, |

The increasing need to protect your SQL database assets

Unauthorized access to data assets poses a major source of risk to organizations and is occurring on almost a daily basis. Such security breaches cause significant impact to organizations financially, legally and in customer confidence.

Over the last decade, data has migrated from a myriad of data storage technologies to a small number of database platforms. SQL Server has been deployed across all range of businesses from corporate to government as a means to house organizational data. The volume of these SQL Server deployments makes security and management challenging for IT teams.

Our QuickStart Offering

Our DXC Security for SQL Server QuickStart enables organizations to implement a best practice, security monitoring and compliance solution for their Microsoft SQL Server database environments. This software translates organizational security standards into technical standards within the software to then monitor/enforce those standards on an ongoing basis.

The top reasons to consider our DXC Security for SQL Server QuickStart:

  1. Gain cost savings and scalability
  2. Better control the security of your SQL database environments
  3. Reduce the costs of operating Microsoft database environments while improving the compliance and quality of service delivery

The DXC Security for SQL Server offering works to decrease an organization’s risk of data breaches by allowing security standards to be developed, globally implemented and then monitored and enforced on an ongoing basis through the software subscription.

Contact us at and talk to a DXC Eclipse expert to help you implement best practices to protect your SQL database assets.