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Dynamics 365: Combining the Power of ERP and CRM


Dynamics 365 is a next-generation, purpose-built suite of cloud applications combining the capabilities of CRM business software and ERP systems with powerful business intelligence and analysis capabilities. Dynamics 365 breaks down the silos between business processes and application, and connects data from across sources to transform business processes and drive intelligent data-driven decisions.

Companies and their implementation partners can create powerful Dynamics 365 solutions by selecting the necessary components that are right for their business, and then tailoring them to their specific needs – helping them optimize operations, empower employees and better engage with customers.

Benefits of using Dynamics 365 solutions

Dynamics 365 combines CRM and ERP functionality that work together seamlessly across the organization. Its flexibility and power allows companies to undergo a business transformation in a simple, cost-effective way. By taking full advantage of Dynamics 365 companies achieve:

  • Greater agility: A unified business database based on a common data model removes barriers between departments and allows for better information flow enabling companies to transform their products and reduce time-to-market.
  • Improved productivity through integration with familiar tools: The applications integrate with familiar tools, such as Outlook and Excel, that most organizations are already using, allowing employees to work smarter.
  • Cost reductions due to scalability: Cloud technology eliminates the requirement for large capital investments up front. Instead, functionality can be added quickly and easily when it’s needed, reducing total cost of ownership.
  • Flexible, faster deployment: Solutions can be deployed fully in the cloud or as a hybrid. Each solution is designed to address current challenges, but additional components can be added easily as needs change.
Dynamics 365 applications supporting business transformations

Dynamics 365 brings together an entire suite of applications that integrate seamlessly and work smarter together to help organizations run an entire business from end to end. Each of these components can be added and tailored as needed, offering powerful capabilities to grow, evolve, and transform every part of the business to better meet changing customer needs and market requirements.

  • Sales: Going beyond sales force automation, this application provides predictive intelligence for targeting prime prospects and delivering personalized engagements that build relationships and revenues. Streamlined processes and automated workflows keep sales teams on track and mobile capabilities let them stay connected even while on the road.
  • Customer Service: Connected workflows improve customer service by delivering a consistent experience that delivers complete service across every channel. Personalized service is possible because Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) have all the information they need at the right time – empowering service agents and encouraging customer loyalty.
  • Field Service: Scheduling improvements are possible based on using the right data to match technician skills to service requirements, either manually or automatically. This component offers smarter capabilities—from optimized scheduling and predictive maintenance to native mobile support and remote access monitoring to help field service agents get the job done right the first time.
  • Financial Management: Capabilities include streamlining processes, providing powerful reports and analytics, and ensuring regulatory compliance. All financial data is in one unified database. As a result, employees spend less time reentering information or manually reconciling data. In effect, finance departments can become a strategic asset, providing intelligent reporting that turns data into actionable insights driving better decisions to accelerate growth.
  • Manufacturing: Improving agility and efficiency is achieved through an integrated system that offers advanced capabilities for production planning, project management, operations, activity scheduling and cost control. Organizations can improve product quality by identifying issues based on real-time insights. Supply chain management is also simplified using advanced warehouse and inventory management tools to inform material sourcing and logistics organization-wide.
  • Retail: Dynamics 365 provides the basis for retailers to offer connected and consistent shopping experiences to customers across all channels. Improved customer relationships are built by offering personalized service based on in-depth knowledge about products, customers, inventory and order details. Equally important is the ability to improve merchandising, reduce fulfillment costs and make smarter decisions based on easy access to customer and operational information.
  • Project Service Automation: Solution selling, project planning, resource scheduling, time and expense tracking, and service analytics all work together to make project-based businesses more efficient. Further productivity gains are possible due to mobile apps that are available for teams working in the field.
  • Marketing: Enhancing customer experiences is easy when marketing and sales work together, accessing the same information on a single system. Content, data and processes all focus on the customer, which can increase retention rates, shorten the sales cycle and increase closing rates. Advanced analytics offers the ability to anticipate customers’ needs, spot trends and get a 360-degree view of the customer journey.
  • Customer Insights: Business intelligence modules allow for the type of analysis that supports improved segmentation using behavioral data and insights. Organizations can identify data that will help them better understand the customer journey, then transform that data into timely and relevant information, inferences, and predictions to help grow the business.

Ultimately, Dynamics 365 removes the barriers between departments and streamlines business processes and operations, allowing organizations to focus activity on establishing and deepening prospect and customer relationships. It provides the tools that empower employees at all levels to achieve the business goals that drive an organization’s success.

Choosing the right partner

To ensure a successful business transformation, choosing the right partner is critical. Using the full range of Microsoft solutions and applications, Eclipse has guided technology strategies for over 1,700 customers across the globe, developing industry-specific solutions for retail, manufacturing, banking, healthcare and mining for mid-market and enterprise customers.

Focusing on long-term strategic partnerships, Eclipse leads customers to harness the power of technology by helping companies reduce integration costs and bringing together the entire organization to capture new business opportunities.

Learn more about Dynamics 365 and how Eclipse can help your business.