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Inventory Adjustments in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Jeff Moran, |

Use Inventory Adjustments for ‘Found on Premise’ Items without creating POs or Receipts

Occasionally you may discover that you have inventory of a particular item that doesn’t show in your system. This can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, a vendor may send you the wrong item and, instead of asking you to return it, tells you to keep it. Items may not have turned up during a cycle count and been written off only to re-appear later. A salesman may provide sample items to engineering, which can be moved into usable inventory. Whatever the reason, now you want to bring this into your system – without having to create a purchase order and purchase order receipt. The easiest way to do this is to perform inventory adjustments. However, before making the adjustment, you may need to perform some simple updates to the release item.

1. Check if the item record exists

First, make sure that the item record exists. If it does not, you may want to consider just disposing of it, rather than placing it in your inventory. An item for which you have no demand and no existing method for selling is probably just a burden. It just takes up valuable space without the prospect of being consumed. If you have an item like this, no matter its value, it is probably something to dispose of.

2. Identify the cost record

Second, make sure you have a cost record for the item. A cost of zero will distort the total value of all product on hand.

3. Enter quantity

Once your item record is correct, enter the quantity into inventory.

4. Update your released products

Navigate to Product Information Management > Released Products and select your product from the list page. Alternatively, you can go to the Released Products Maintenance Tile.

Inventory Adjustments Released Products List Page


From the Released Products Maintenance Tile, select Release Products, which will open the list page.

At the list page, select the product to add to your inventory.

Adding Product to Inventory Adjustments

a. Select or Highlight the item to be added to your physical inventory

b. Select the Manage Inventory tab at the top of the form

c. Select the On-Hand Inventory menu in the upper right hand portion of the form (Selecting this menu should bring up a blank form like the one below)

d. Click on the Quantity Adjustment tab

Setting Quantity for Inventory Adjustments

This brings up the Counting form, which will also be blank.)

Inventory Adjustments Blank Counting Form

e. Click on the New button

Now the counting form opens up with our item number filled in.

Inventory Adjustments Completed Counting Form

f. Enter the Site

g. Enter the Warehouse

h. Enter the location for your item

i. Enter the quantity

Then select OK at the bottom of the form. Your form may have more columns. I used the inventory dimension selection to hide configuration, size, color and style; and the personalization to hide the catch weight columns.

Inventory Adjustments On-Hand Overview

Your item has now been added to the system for use. Simple as that!


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