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Eclipse Readiness Review: A Framework for Digital Transformation

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Ready for cloud? How a readiness review can help your journey to digital transformation

Digital transformations are well underway at businesses around the world and most are looking for ways to move their workloads to the cloud so they can save money and take advantage of up-to-date features.

If your organisation is ready to move away from on-premise infrastructure and towards Microsoft Dynamics 365, it’s important to understand how to get the maximum benefits from this investment.

Moving to the cloud isn’t always as simple as ‘lift and shift’. It takes careful planning and a strategic approach to make sure that move is seamless, successful, and, above all, non-disruptive.

DXC Eclipse works with customers to assess their current business systems, processes, and readiness to transition to the Microsoft cloud. The team focuses on managing the business risks, optimising the IT infrastructure, and managing the integration, security, and new technical and operational opportunities available in the Microsoft cloud.

Start as you mean to continue

Moving to the cloud is about value, so it makes sense to start a digital transformation in the areas where the business can gain the most value today and into the future.

DXC Eclipse uses a Dynamics 365 Readiness Review questionnaire to understand the current business state. Following that, the team holds a series of workshops and information sessions to engage with stakeholders, specialists, and key users to align organisational objectives with the ultimate cloud solution architecture map.

DXC Eclipse reviews the following key elements:

  1. Business systems environment.
  2. Infrastructure readiness.
  3. Business strategy and the role IT can play.
  4. Change management plans and risk analysis.

Understanding these four elements helps to understand how to take an organisation from the ‘as is’ scenario to the ideal scenario. It will highlight and address any risks and roadblocks so nothing stands in the way of the company’s digital transformation.

Mapping the way forward

The key objective of the Dynamics 365 Readiness Review is to help select and implement the right Dynamics 365 application. DXC Eclipse prepares a report that includes the following:

  1. Solution map that graphically details the relationship between Dynamics 365, proposed future and existing business solution technologies.
  2. Solution roadmap that delivers a clear and defined path to transition, including timeframes.
  3. Risk analysis that identifies challenges.
  4. Recommendations for mitigating the risks and maximising value.
  5. Dynamics 365 solution definition that maps the current business functionality against the new solution and outlines key business roles as they relate to the new architecture.
  6. Licence and solution costs based on the organisation’s needs and aligned to the solution roadmap so the business can understand indicative costs for the short-, medium-, and long-term investment based on assumptions defined during the review.

DXC Eclipse also provides an executive briefing pack to get corporate sponsors and other executives on board. It includes:

  • an executive briefing document
  • an executive briefing PowerPoint presentation
  • a workshop to walk through the executive documentation.

What to do next

Once the Dynamics 365 Readiness Review is completed, the organisation is ready to do a pre-implementation analysis to finalise the scope of the transformation project.

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