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Getting the UXC Eclipse Retail Showcase Experience

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Ivan Cole is the CTO for UXC Eclipse Retail and Cloud Solutions

The UXC Eclipse retail team has created a ‘Retail Showcase Experience’ at their New York office enabling retailers to experience the latest solutions first-hand, based on real-life retail scenarios. We recently spoke with Ivan Cole, CIO and Chief Strategist for UXC Eclipse’s cloud retail solutions, to learn more.


What was your vision for starting a Retail Showcase Experience? Why did you think it was important?

There is a lot going on in retail right now and technology is evolving rapidly to enable retailers to keep up with changing consumer demands – driving the digital transformation of businesses. Retailers want to see what technology solutions can do for their business today, so we recognized a need to create an environment where they could experience a complete, end-to-end retail solution walking them through specific scenarios. Microsoft has been on the forefront with creating first-hand experiences in their Retail Experience Centers, so we were inspired to build on that concept.


What can retailers expect when they walk through the Retail Showcase Experience?

Retailers will be able to experience the entire solution. The presentation simulates real-life retail scenarios and show how transactions flow all the way to the back office. We set up different stations – from planning and allocation to location-based services, mobile POS, and analytics – that take them through different scenarios enabling them to experience every component of the solution. We want them to see what technology can do to help them work smarter and empower them to better serve their customers.


How did you go about making the Retail Showcase Experience a reality?

This was a very exciting process, because we started with a blank slate. Talking daily to our retail customers, we knew what they were looking for, so we needed to envision what different scenarios we would focus on and what that would look like. It was quite involved as we needed to think about the physical set up of all of the equipment, software, merchandise, and of course the flow. We worked with an external vendor with tremendous know-how in creating retail experiences and together we developed 3-D renderings that helped us in the decision process. They were a vital component in bringing our vision to life.


What were some of the challenges you experienced in building the scenarios?

In a sense, we faced the same challenges our customers are dealing with – we needed technology that works for our requirements today, but also something that can evolve with changing demands. We had to create an environment that was flexible and able to adapt as technology changes. We didn’t just want to show a single-store experience, but an environment that adapts to different retail scenarios and requirements, including e-commerce. To achieve that, we came at it from two different angles – industry and scenarios. First we looked at specific retail industries such as fashion or consumer goods, then we zoomed in on specific scenarios as they would apply to those industries. For all the scenarios we created, the omni-channel retail experience was really front and center.


How does your retail solution help retailers today?

Our retail solutions are built on Microsoft technology. It’s important to stress that Microsoft is the only ERP provider in the market today that has directly invested in retail. They did not just come up with a solution that can be tailored to the industry – they built retail functionality directly into their core product, Microsoft Dynamics 365. The solution combines ERP and CRM functionality in the cloud allowing retailers to run their entire business from one, integrated system that connects the entire organization. What sets this solution apart is that it’s completely scalable allowing retailers to start where it makes the most sense for them and easily add new functionality as their business grows.


UXC Eclipse will be showcasing their retail experience during the NRF BIG Show, January 15-17. Come see what it’s all about and schedule your personal retail experience today!