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Simplifying your Move from On-Premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the Cloud

Heather Hall, |

Leveraging DXC Cloud Migration QuickStarts for Customer Engagement

What is the best path in moving from an on-premise version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the cloud? How will it impact my users? Is this really the future? Where do we start?  These are the challenging questions you may be asking as your organization evaluates the scope, costs and risks of moving to the cloud.

Microsoft has “transformed” Dynamics applications into native cloud-hosted business systems that are designed to take full advantage of the most modern cloud services. While Dynamics CRM has been on the Office 365 platform for many years, there has always been a disconnect with the former Dynamics AX platform. The recent transition to Dynamics 365 is one of the most dramatic shifts as it aims to bring together two powerful platforms into one configurable solution.

Having the ability to consume new features on a continuous basis allows Dynamics 365 users to stay more productive and competitive as well as reducing the long-term cost of operating their mission-critical business applications. The continuous, but customer-driven delivery architecture will allow the adoption of new features while avoiding heavy costs and disruption of upgrading software versions. As Microsoft develops new features and functions, customers will be able to choose the features and functions they want to adopt, when they want to adopt them and how they want to adopt them.

QuickStarts Offering Fixed Scope, Timeline & Costs

Our Cloud Migration QuickStarts offering can guide your organization through the migration process. QuickStarts simplifies the cloud migration process by offering pre-defined deliverables of fixed scope, timeline, and price – enabling you to plan, pilot and test before you fully invest with zero disruption, minimal risk and maximum business benefit.

Here are top reasons why to consider a cloud upgrade with our new QuickStarts offering as it helps organizations:

1. Thoroughly plan the migration to the cloud and control costs associated with the migration

2. Assess how closely current business processes map to the modern versions

3. Reduce project risk and impact to the user community during the change

The Engagement Cloud Migration QuickStarts offering begins by assessing your current Dynamics CRM environment using a suite of tools. These tools identify code level issues within the current implementation which form the basis of our remediation efforts. From there we will identify any third-party solutions that may need to be addressed as well.

A trial environment in Microsoft’s cloud will be created to test the upgrade and identify any additional remediation efforts required. Your organization may then choose to move directly into an upgrade. If further issues are identified you may opt for a complete Business Process Review. This includes a workshop to define all processes currently utilized in the system and compare them to the current business need. Once this is established, Eclipse will work with you to determine appropriate priority levels, approach and implementation costs. With a solid migration plan in place, your organization can start realizing all the business benefits of migrating to the cloud.

Contact us at and talk to a DXC Eclipse expert to help you transition your on-premise Dynamics systems to the cloud.